The base rental price includes delivery, pickup, and a base tonnage. If the contents exceed the base tonnage, overage will be billed at a rate of $80/ton in one-ton increments.

The Rental Term is 10 calendar days. Unless previous arrangements are made, customer may be billed for additional rental at a rate of $5 per day.

An empty trip fee of $150 will be charged for deliveries or pickups that cannot be completed due to a locked gate, vehicle blocking container etc.

Concrete, rock, dirt or asphalt containers MUST BE CLEAN! If there is any wood, plastic, metal, or other trash mixed in a load, customer will be billed $80/ton for the entire load.


SDS prides itself in its top-quality employees that will do everything in their power to avoid damage to a customer’s property. However, dumpsters and the trucks that deliver them are heavy pieces of construction equipment. SDS will not be held liable for incidental damage to driveways, aprons, sidewalks or lawns including but not limited to ruts, scratches on concrete or asphalt, or small dents left by the wheels of the container. To minimize driveway damage the customer is encouraged to provide 4 planks of wood of at least 6″ by 36″ on which the dumpster can be placed. A customer may request that wood be provided and placed by SDS. Customer must make this request at the time of ordering the container.