I, the undersigned, hereby agree to the Terms of Service and authorize Supreme Metals Inc, an affiliated parent company to Supreme Disposal Service, to process my payment method for any and all applicable charges, including but not limited to Base Rental Charge, Additional Tonnage Charges, Additional Rental Charges, Overload Fees and Empty Trip Fees. For the purpose of this agreement the companies Supreme Metals Inc and Supreme Disposal Service shall be named “SDS” and the undersigned shall be named “Customer”

Base Rental Charge: The Base Rental Charge is the initial price paid by the Customer and includes delivery, pickup, an included tonnage amount, and all taxes. The Base Rental Charges as of 3/15/2020 are as follows:

10 YD – $350 Includes 1 Ton   (2,000lb)

15 YD – $425 Includes 2 Tons (4,000lb)

20 YD – $515 Includes 3 Tons (6,000lb)

30 YD – $595 Includes 4 Tons (8,000lb)

40 YD – $700 Includes 5 Tons (10,000lb)

15 YD – CONCRETE ONLY – No tonnage cap, must be level, overload fees can apply

Additional Tonnage Charges:

In an effort to ensure fairness to the Customer, only the exact additional tonnage is billed to the Customer. Therefore, if a rental includes 4 tons, and the actual tonnage in the container is 4.2 tons, the customer will be billed an additional 0.2 tons X tonnage rate. The current Additional Tonnage rate as of 3/15/20 is $89 per ton (2000lb). 

Additional Rental Charges: 

The Base Rental Charge includes a 14 calendar day rental starting on and including the day of delivery. PLEASE NOTE: It is the Customer’s responsibility to order the final pickup of a rented container. SDS will NOT dispatch services until they are ordered by a customer. Therefore, in order to avoid any Additional Rental Charges, the Customer MUST CALL SDS to schedule pickup of the container at least 48 hours prior to the end of the rental period.


While all efforts will be made to execute deliveries and pickups in a timely manner, unforeseen circumstances and delays may alter this scheduling. Therefore, SDS cannot be held liable for damages due to deliveries or pickups that occur within 48 hours of the scheduled window. Furthermore, services can ONLY be guaranteed to occur within 48 hours from the time the order is received by SDS. 

Overload Fee: 

Containers must be loaded EVENLY and LEVEL, without any debris protruding above or outside of the top rail of the container. Furthermore, the door of the container must be completely secured and closed by the Customer before scheduling pickup. Should a customer overload a container above the line or in any manner in which it cannot be safely hauled, SDS may at its discretion charge an Overload Fee equal to $150. If it is feasible for the driver to correct the load in order to safely haul the container, SDS may assess the overload fee and pick up the container. Please note that any material protruding above or outside of the container may be left on-site. 

Empty Trip Fee: 

Should SDS attempt to deliver or pickup a container during a pre-scheduled window and is unable to do so for any reason, the Customer may incur an Empty Trip Fee equal to $150. Circumstances which prevent the safe delivery or pickup of the container may include but are not limited to: Locked gate, placement area blocked, vehicle in placement area, container overloaded or unable to be safely hauled. Customers will be allowed a 15 minute grace period (from the time the driver arrives on site) to correct any conditions which prevent service, after which the Empty Trip Fee may be assessed.

Driveway/Site Damage: 

SDS prides itself in its top-quality employees that will do everything in their power to avoid damage to the Customer’s property. However, roll-off containers and the trucks that deliver them are heavy pieces of construction equipment and as such may cause damage to surfaces on which they travel and are placed. This damage can include cracks, scratches, indents, ruts and other unsightly marring of asphalt, concrete, pavers, brick, grass etc. 

The Customer hereby holds harmless Supreme Metals Inc, SDS, Supreme Disposal Service and all affiliated companies, subcontractors and employees, for any and all damage caused by the delivery or pickup of the container. Such damages may include but are not limited to cracked, scratched or broken driveway, apron, curb etc. SDS may, at its discretion, choose to place the container on wood planks or blocks in order to minimize damage, however this measure cannot be guaranteed to occur or to prevent said damages. Customer agrees that should this type of incidental damage occur that the Customer will NOT be entitled to financial damages, refunds, discounts or ANY other remedies whatsoever. 

Unacceptable Waste: 

Customer warrants that all material placed into the containers is NON-HAZARDOUS C&D (Construction & Demolition Debris) and/or MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). No hazardous materials will be accepted!

Types of Unacceptable Waste include but are not limited to: 

Asbestos, tires, pesticides, batteries, liquid paints, motor oil and other automotive fluids, propane tanks, household cleaners, ink and resins, contaminated soil or absorbents, medical waste, flammable or explosive substances, ammunition, appliances or vehicles containing refrigerants. 

SDS reserves the right to refuse pickup of any container containing Unacceptable Waste, at which point the customer will be responsible for all applicable fees. Furthermore, should Unacceptable Waste be discovered after the pickup of the container, the Customer will be responsible for all disposal costs, fees and fines (if applicable).