Supreme Disposal Service

offers dumpster rentals in many shapes and sizes to best fit your needs! Many of your questions will be answered below. If you have specific questions about your project, please call!

Hauling Services:

Supreme Disposal Services now offers hauling services. We will haul scrap metal or equipment for other scrap metal recycling yards, demolition contractors, mills, shredders etc. We offer 10-40 yard rolloff containers as well as 100 YD dump trailers, van trailers, flatbeds etc for hauling.

Residential Clean-out:

Renting a dumpster is the single most cost effective way to clean out the junk you have accumulated over the years! An average household accumulates approximately 1 cubic yard of extra junk each year. For a residential clean-out we recommend a 10, 15 or 20 yard container. If you are moving, order the next size up than you think you need. You will be surprised how much stuff makes it into the dumpster and not the moving van!


If you are comparing dumpster rental with a junk removal service, consider doing some of the work yourself and save big! Plus, you get to keep the container for 2 weekends to load it on YOUR schedule, not the “Junk Guys.”

A “Bagster”

product from your local home improvement store is rated to hold only 3 yards of material! Actual capacity is much less when the sides collapse in.

Remodeling and Construction: All construction projects create waste. For a bathroom remodel, a 15 yard container is ideal. If you are remodeling more than one room, step up to the contractor standard: a 30 yard container. We also offer 40 yard containers for large construction and demolition projects.

Roofing Containers:

Roofing material is very heavy and will always exceed the base tonnage included in our prices. When ordering a container for roofing tearoff, please know how many roofing squares are being removed and how many layers of shingles are on the roof. Our experts can provide an estimate so there are no surprises on your bill. Please call for additional information!

Clean Fill:

SDS offers special discounts for concrete, rock, dirt and asphalt. This “clean fill” material can be recycled and kept out of the landfill, keeping more $$$ in your pocket! The flat rate for this type of container means there are NEVER overage charges for extra tonnage, however containers MAY NOT be loaded with more material than the truck can safely haul. If wood, tires, or any other trash is mixed in the load it must be disposed of as trash, and will cost you a fortune! Keep it CLEAN!

Organic Material/Yard Waste:

Please call for information on organic yard waste containers. We offer special discounts for this type of recyclable material.

Permanent Service:

For companies with bulky trash, a large open-top dumpster will save you time and money on trash removal! There is no rental fee for permanent containers, you only pay us when the container is switched out.